Burberry Outlet growth over Hermes Outlet


British luxury brand Burberry issued as of September 30, 2014 on the first half of fiscal year earnings, half of the fiscal year sales growth of 14%. This rate is higher than the Hermes International (Hèrmes International SCA) of 12%, open cloud Group luxury department (Kering SA) of 5.7% and Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton Group 4% leather sector.

This home has a 158-year history of raincoats and leather goods sales, in order to design a camel, red and black plaid famous old British luxury brand claims that half of the fiscal year on revenue of 1.1 billion pounds ($ 1.77 billion), reflecting its various fields the strong performance.

However, the situation is not as optimistic as figures show: Burberry PLC Burberry in the second quarter and the first quarter same-store sales growth was 8% and 12%, indicating that same-store sales growth slowed.

Luxury industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Ukraine crisis has led to demand for Russian products were affected. In addition, due to the Chinese government to crack down on corrupt behavior but also makes a luxury gift industry sales have been affected.

In order to cope with slower growth, Burberry PLC actively expand sales channels. This year in April, Burberry PLC landing in China famous B2C platform Tmall Lynx, hoping to reverse the trend of slowing down.

Although the clothing brand who are actively seeking access, ZARA, HM and other fast fashion have landed in recent days of cat, but for the same level of luxury, Burberry is the only one so far.

Burberry Classic Plaid Scarf


Burberry cashmere scarf is the perfect embodiment of the brand value, which combines traditional craftsmanship and England, but also to show the close ties Burberry and weather – anytime, anywhere to resist the cold, warm and comfortable. Burberry according to historical records, as early as the 1880s of “John Adams & Boxx Gazette” there will be a Cheap Burberry scarf on advertising. Today, the iconic cashmere scarf has become the core of the brand, world-renowned.


From raw material procurement to products finished, production Burberry Outlet UK cashmere scarf every step requires expertise from generation to generation. Over the years, the plant in close cooperation with local cashmere suppliers herders comb under the long winter wool fiber from sheep, to cashmere businessman hands as raw materials. The warmth of cashmere wool eight times, after being sent to the original cashmere collection in Scotland plant undergoes 40 separate processes – some process is rooted in the history and family heritage, while others are using the latest technology. Each qualified cashmere fibers under a microscope to see all need to have a diameter of ultra-fine, but color is also subject to accurate testing to ensure that each batch of 500 shares of the same color line. Cashmere with fiber diameter, quality and color purity to define the pros and cons – the best combination set light, warmth and color in one.

After mixing the fibers, dyed and combed, spun into yarn and woven into fabric on traditional looms. Fabric by the slow and gentle process to completion, retain the natural fiber, delicate texture. And then washed with pure known by Scottish spring water, and dried brushed treatment has brushed head on hand-made framework, and finally through the cutting and pressing process, creating famous Burberry cashmere special texture and natural color.

Classic Design

Burberry cashmere scarf has many iconic design details, of which the most distinctive checkered become iconic Burberry unique elements. Classic Plaid as a mark of origin, its history can be traced back to the 1920s, the first to be used for Burberry Trench coat lining, by camel, black, ivory and red interwoven. In addition, there are carbon black checkered scarf and stone gray checkered version. Plaid pattern on, Heritage Series scarf with red, charcoal gray and stone color three solid colors, new materials by light, wrinkle cashmere made​​, and with a red, camel, charcoal gray and stone colors.

2014 Burberry Burberry “Art of the Trench” windbreaker Art Exhibition


2014 Burberry Art of the Trench coat art exhibition, following last year’s London Art Fair coat, Burberry once again came to the UK. Guests windbreaker Art Exhibition Chengdu station is not only well dressed when attending the exhibition, also shot in the street in the perfect shape to play a skill. Big stars were wearing different styles of Burberry trench coat, interpretation of fashion modeling with their own distinct characteristics. The Jintai Chuan Shu Pei Qin tall model with the physique, no matter how worn both international supermodel temperament!

Pioneer brand offer a successful creative people from various fields to participate windbreaker art exhibition project to their unique style of dress coat and tells the story of people. Yao Chen dressed in Burberry Outlet Heritage Trench coat color stone was taken in England, Slim cut more elegant grace!